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I paid over $2 K for a chlorine treatment system from Culligan which burnt out my well pump with in 18 months. I had 2 seperate plumbing companies tell me this. $6 K later, Michael and Sons fixed all the damage Culligan products caused. I called to complain to Culligan Corp and all they would tell me is to call the local shop in my area. All I get from the local yokals who installed this garbage... Read more

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Don't leave your doors unlocked! My husband called to set a date for Culligan and he was informed of an approximate date(s), between one day of the week to another and would call when theu know they're coming. No call received, I'm a stay at home mom, nocall to me or my husband. All doirs licked but one, I'm upstairs, heard nothing, no knock nothing, until I head out of my bedroom and I hear... Read more

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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I had an err1 code blinking on a $2500.00 unit. I called Culligan and asked what I should do. They advised they needed to schedule a service call. That was almost a 2 week wait. The guy shows up, tells me "You need to unplug the unit, let it sit for 5 minutes, and plug it back in to reset it. That will be $147.00." I said, "your telling me its costing me $147.00 for you... Read more

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My wife and I were contacted by a, Salesman named Regan Paton who asked to meet with us to try a Culligan Water System. He called to confirm the appointment and we even took the morning off from work to meet with him at our home. He did not show up. When we tried calling him, he refused to return our calls. We were very upset considering Culligan of Nokomis Florida did not value our time, nor did... Read more

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Culligan International Company - Shoddy plumbing/installation
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I had a water filter installed on my main water line, which draws from an underground stream. The canister was installed without the use of any wall brackets in an 'L' configuration--one pipe going into the filter on top and one running out on the bottom, both PVC pipes running perpendicular to the wall. The clearance between the bottom of the canister and the bottom pipe was so small that the... Read more

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Well it's obvious that this company doesn't care about their customers. Waited all day for them to come to pick up their unit that out of a little over a year it might of worked a couple months, and they are still billing us for a service that we haven't been able to use because they never showed up to fix it. Would love to hear back from someone other than the disrespect Jim in New Castle ... Read more

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we have had a culligan water softner for over a year now and we have used it maybe a couple months,something is always wrong with it.called and talk to the manager of the New Castle store,said his name was Jim. my family lives busy lives and when someone tells me we will be thereto take care of the problem i have to make arrangments to be hear.the past 6 weeks this has been going on they say sure... Read more

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We have been getting water from Culligan for the past 6 months. Every single month I have to call and have the driver come, even though the driver is scheduled to come and drop off water he NEVER shows up on his own. I ALWAYS have to call and make sure they remembered us. We have ran out of water every single month and when we tell the driver to leave us more water, he is always SUPER RUDE!! like... Read more

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Purchased a brand new unit which broke down often. Even though it was under warranty, but Culligan would charge me $100's of dollars for labor. When warranty ran out, the O-Ring needed to be replaced, and they charged me $400 to replace it. Four months later the same O-Ring broker, they wanted another $400 to replace. I finally said no, and disposed the Culligan junk! You will be better off with... Read more

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Worst company to ever have service. I paid do rent a water softener and when I needed service on it because the water was brown I had to wait a week and bathe, wash my clothes which were ruined, and wash my hair in dirty brown water that who know what is in it. You mean to tell me you can come install your equipment in 2 days, but when it's not working it takes a week to come fix it. Yes, I... Read more

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